BPO race, India vs. Philippines

Some interesting numbers here on the subject.

1. Call centers, new hiring as of October 2010: India 13,800, Philippines 15,000.

2. Call center revenues as of October 2010: India $5.3 B, Philippines $5.5 B. Projections for end-2010: India $5.5 B, Philippines $5.8 B.

3. Overall business process outsourcing (BPO) industry: India $47 B, Philippines $9 B.

So, in the call center sub-sector, the Philippines is now ahead of India. But in the overall BPO sector, to include software development, engineering designs, investment research, medical transcription, etc., India is still way ahead.

The Business Processing Association of the Philippines (BPAP) projects that the sector can grow from this year’s $9 B revenue to $20 to $25 B by 2016. Likewise, direct employment can rise from this year’s estimated 500,000 people to 900,000 by 2016. See the relevant news report today, RP said leading only in call center business.

Whether the Philippines will overtake India in the overall BPO sector or not, is less important compared to having a consistently rising employment and revenues of the sector in the Philippines. At around 1.4 million new job entrants every year, Philippine-based companies need to expand and create more jobs every year.

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