Major Philippine Export Products, 2010

Units in US$ billion, percentage share:

Total Exports   51,497.51     100.0% 

1. Electronic Products 31,079.54    60.4%

2. Apparel & Clothing   Accessories 1,701.49     3.3%

3. Coconut oil   1,265.72   2.5%

4. Woodcrafts and furniture   1,181.01  2.3%

Others      16,269.75     31.6%

source: NSO,

So, 60 percent or $3 out of $5 of total merchandise exports revenues of the Philippines last year were accounted for by electronics exports. This is a very lopsided dependence. The good thing here is that global demand for electronic products can only increase, never decrease, as the world is becoming more integrated via endless development and innovations in the information and communications technology (ICT).

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