Major Philippine Import Products, 2010

In US$ billion and percentage share:

Total        54,932.92    100.0%

1. Electronic products 18,550.00   33.8%

2.Mineral fuels, lubricants, related materials  9,588.62      17.5%

3. Transport equipment   3,475.24   6.3%

4. Industrial machinery & equipment   2,510.52   4.6%

5. Cereals & cereal preparations   2,224.68      4.0%

6. Organic & inorganic chemicals   1,377.102.5%

7. Metaliferous Ores & metal scrap   1,238.61      2.3%

Others 15,968.15        29.1%

source: NSO,

Unlike Philippine exports which are dominated by just one commodity, electronic products, the country’s imports are dominated by two products: electronics, and mineral fuels & related materials, constituting 51 percent of total imports.

If we subtract imports from exports of electronic products, the estimated local value added in 2010 was around $12.5 billion. A good number somehow.



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