Tourism challenge

In 2010, the Philippines attracted some 3.5 million tourists. The same way, Singapore attracted 11.6M tourists,  Thailand got 15.8M, Malaysia 24.6M. Vietnam got 5M tourists, larger than the Philippines.

There are many factors why the above-mentioned countries have attracted more tourists than the Philippines. Their huge international airports alone are already tourist destinations already. Then they are contiguous to each one. One can take a bus or car from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and back, or from Hanoi to PnomPenh to Bangkok. The Philippines is an archipelago and its nearest neighbors ares Hong Kong and Taiwan, about 1:40 hour by plane from Manila. Going to other islands would also need a connecting flight.

There is a big challenge from the various sectors — national government, provincial and city/municipal governments, the private sector — to attract more visitors, foreigners and Filipinos abroad alike, to visit the country. Tourism is a huge potential for the country as we have almost everything in nature except perhaps snow — mountains, waterfalls, white sand beach, golf courses, small and beautiful islands, friendly people, etc.

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